Campingaz Bonesco L Quick start BBQ

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Campingaz® presents a range of barbecues that combine the ambiance and taste of a charcoal barbecue with the convenience of a gas barbecue. Campingaz® Bonesco™ offers the unique taste and ambiance of charcoal without the hassle and long time spent on igniting it.
The new Campingaz Quick Start Technology™ (QST) reduces the pre-heat time to only 10 minutes, using a Campingaz® CV300 cartridge. A simple push of the piezo button is needed for a successful ignition, every time!
  • Cooking surface: 1950cm2
  • Material: chromed grid
  • Cooking Height: 83 cm
  • Gas consumption: Charcoal Barbecue
  • Cooking Surface Type and Material: Chromed Grid
  • Reduces preheat time to 10 minutes
  • Cooking Lid with Hook
  • Heat Zone Firebox
  • Campingaz Quick Start Technology™
  • Ash Tray
  • Air Flow Regulator
  • Monobase with 2 wheels
  • 2 wooden side tables
  • Product Dimensions: 115 x 66 x 113 cm
  • 8-10 ignitions per CV300 Cartridge

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