Vango Amazon 800 Signature Footprint (post 2010)

£45.00 £30.00

Cut-to-size Footprint for the Vango Amazon 800 Signature Tent.
Protects, Insulates and makes life a whole lot easier!


Want to protect the floor of your Vango Signature Amazon 800 tent from sticks and stones? Need a little bit more insulation from the cold, hard ground? Fed up with the trials and tribulations of cleaning the underside of your tent? This Footprint Groundsheet is cut to the perfect size for your Vango Amazon 800 Tent, giving you an insulating and protective layer underfoot. Not only does it solve the issues above, it can make pitching the Amazon 800 so much easier, saving you from dragging the erected tent around the camp site, looking for that perfect pitch. It also gives you a guide to enable you can ensure that your tent poles are pegged at the correct angle. Makes perfect sense to have one doesn’t it………..?


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