Vango Rotary Airer


Quality 3-Arm Rotary Airer complete with Pegging Points and Pegs, certainly the best drying option we've discovered!



A lightweight, yet extremely sturdy Three-Arm Aluminium Rotary Airer from Vango, which packs down to a manageable size and solves your drying needs whilst on your camping holiday.
Featuring a pegging point at each foot, and coming complete with pegs, the Vango Rotary Airer is the best that we’ve discovered in it’s class.
With a total weight (excluding the laundry) of 2.1kgs, and measuring 134 x 134 x 143 cm when erected, it fits neatly into it’s carry bag (included) and packs down into a 24 x 16 x 81cm size box making it easy to transport and stow away when not in use.
Perfect for campers and caravanners everywhere!


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